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Feature articles from the 2010 AAJ:

Jobo Rinjang
The alpine-style first ascent of a little-known Nepalese peak.
By Joe Puryear

Alone on Annapurna South
Some time to kill in base camp produces a bold new route.
By Dodo Kopold

A Bit of Luck
The alpine-style first ascent of Chang Himal’s north face, Nepal.
By Andy Houseman

Four major routes in two weeks on Alaska’s Stikine Icefield.
By Jens Holsten

After 28 Alaskan expeditions: the trip of a lifetime.
By Jack Tackle

A bold new route on the southeast face of Cho Oyu in Nepal.
By Denis Urubko

An invigorating trio of new routes in India’s Bhagirathi group.
By Marko Prezelj

AAJ10_China_Tien Shan_5
Discovering What Lies Within
A lost mentor shows the way on the north face of Xuelian West, China.
By Kyle Dempster

AAJ10_Kyrg_Pobeda_Sokolov_6Project Victory
A bold new route on the north face of Pobeda in Kyrgyzstan.
By Gleb Sokolov

AAJ10_China_Dongdong_5Free Mountaineering
An inside look at modern Chinese alpinism.
By Yan Dongdong

Spantik's Korean RouteThe Golden Peak
A new route on Pakistan’s Spantik raises the bar for Korean alpinism.
By Kim Hyung-il

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