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Maps from first ascents and explorations in Tibet. All are pdf documents, jpegs, or other downloadable files.

NyainqenTanglha_GamacheMap_aaj2003Nyainqentanglha: East Tibet. Overview map by Martin Gamache to accompany Tamotsu Nakamura’s “East of the Himalaya” article in the 2003 AAJ, ppg 130-159.

NyanchentanglhaPeakMap_Holmes&Normand2007Nyanchentanglha, south of Yigong Tsangpo. Photo compilation map showing exploration by Stuart Holmes and Bruce Normand during November 2007. Many peaks named and located. Accompanies report in 2008 AAJ, ppg 441-443. 3MB download for the pdf map with caption, linked above. 1.2MB download for the jpeg image alone, at right.

AtaGlacierSkyviewMapKangri Garpo – maps & photos. Powerpoint photo and map collection from Takeru Yamada and Tatsuo Inoue, Alpine Club of Kobe University, Japan. These photos and maps accompany their report in the 2008 AAJ, ppg 445-447. Photos and maps include the Ata Glacier, Three-Sisters Peaks, Ruoni, and Shana. 0.75MB Powerpoint download.

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