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Maps from first ascents and explorations in China. All are pdf, jpeg, or other downloadable documents.

Sichuan Province:

Sullivan_SichuanBipengMap(9x8a150)w#Changping, Shuangqiao, and Bipeng valleys watercolor map with peaks numbered and first ascents listed in chart format (pdf). Painted and compiled by Jon Lane Sullivan. Published in black and white in the 2009 AAJ, ppg 349-351. Each peak may have a Chinese name, a Tibetan name, a name given by the first Western team to climb it, or no name at all. Some peaks can be seen from two different valleys; the locals in each valley have different names for the same peak. He interviewed local horsemen, Chinese mountaineers, the Sichuan Mountaineering Association, and foreign climbers such as Jon Otto, Tamotsu Nakamura, and Ben Clark. The result is a hand-drawn map with 50 of the most prominent peaks that comprise the Bipeng, Changping, and Shuangqiao valleys. This is the most accurate and useful known map of the region.

Siguniang_PictureMap_Gib_2006Qonglai Shan 2006 Expedition Picture Map. Compiled by Ian Gib from an expedition 25 March to 17 April, 2006. Reported by Jeremy Thornley in 2007 AAJ, ppg 418-420.

Garrapunsum-Route-Map_RoseGarrapunsum (Jarjinjabo) access map, 2007. By Hamish Rose. Reported by Theresa Rose in the 2008 AAJ, ppg 422-425.

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