Despite its 400 pages of text, there is not nearly enough room to publish everything we’d like to include in the American Alpine Journal each year. Here you’ll find a repository for some of the service information we couldn’t fit, and for new ways to use the AAJ. Longer feature-type articles and commentary that wouldn’t fit in the AAJ can be found in Articles under Web Extras.

International rock climbing grades compared

International rock climbing grades compared

Grades features an International Grade Comparison chart, explaining many of the world’s difficulty ratings, from rock to ice and snow, from Russia to France and on to Alaska). Please note that the photo to the right contains ONLY the rock climbing grades. Visit the Grades page for snow, ice, alpine, Russian, etc.

Topos offers downloads of topos from first ascents reported in the AAJ. This collection will be rapidly building, and we welcome yours of your own new routes.

Maps offers collections of maps of various quality that have been submitted to the AAJ. Some have been published, others not. We intend to also offer navigation help for the world’s various online map services, and perhaps to produce our own layer for Google Earth. Any volunteers with Google Maps and/or Earth skills.

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