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The American Alpine Journal has been indexed since its inception in 1929. During that time the difficult process has passed through many hands, though since 2003 the book has been indexed by Ralph Ferrara and Eve Tallman. During most of that period the AAJ filled 500 pages annually, with roughly 200,000 words.

Since 1929 the AAJ’s climbing reports have filled over 25,000 pages with some 10 million words. In recent years Ralph and Eve have kept the Comprehensive Index 1929–Current up to date. Their massive index is a 4.3MB pdf with 240,000 words. While it is too huge to be easily navigated, it is perhaps the world’s most comprehensive reference source on who did what in the last 80 years. It is useful as a research document in its own right, particularly for various spellings of a peak you might be interested in.

The Comprehensive Index AAJs 1929–2009 is built on three previous cumulative indexes: 1929-1976, 1977-1986, 1987-1996, and the individual volume years 1997-2009. This index is based on the work of the original indexers from the original volumes; as such, inconsistencies exist throughout the years. The 1987-1996 index was used as the standard in both format and content.

A separate 21-page index covers the AAJ’s Book Reviews from 1929-2009. These compile all previous American Alpine Journal Book Reviews indexes.

In AAJ indexing, mountains are listed by their official names whenever known. Ranges and geographic locations are also indexed. Unnamed peaks (eg. Peak 2,340) are listed under P. Abbreviations are used for some states and countries and for the following: Article: art.; Cordillera: C.; Mountains: Mts.; National Park: Nat’l Park; Obituary: obit. Most personnel are listed for major articles. Expedition leaders and persons supplying information in Climbs and Expeditions are also cited here. Indexed photographs are listed in bold type. Reviewed books are listed alphabetically under Book Reviews.

The complete index from AAJ 1929–current is only available in Word format (4.3 MB). Tip: use the Table of Contents to jump to each alphabetical section in this 493-page document. Download the Comprehensive Index AAJs 1929-2010 here.

Click Book Reviews Index AAJs 1929-2009 to download the 21-page document.

The 2010 AAJ Index:
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The Comprehensive Index from 1929 to 2010 can be viewed below, however it is most easily navigated by downloading th version in Word, which has a TOC with links to each alphabetical section: Index_aaj1929-2010 (formatted)
[issuu showflipbtn=true documentid=110102041027-b0715edf5f7e4ca696a78e8cb1bcf37d docname=index_aaj1929-2010__formatted username=johnharlin loadinginfotext=Index%20AAJ%201929-2010%20(Word) showhtmllink=true tag=index width=300 height=194 unit=px]

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