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Published annually since 1929, the American Alpine Journal is internationally renowned as the finest publication of its kind—it documents “the world’s most significant climbs.”

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The AAJ is published by the American Alpine Club. Founded in 1902, the AAC is the leading national organization devoted to mountaineering and rock climbing, the conservation and study of mountainous regions, and representing the interests of the American climbing community. To join the AAC, visit www.americanalpineclub.org, write info@americanalpineclub.org, or call (303) 384-0110 in Golden, Colorado. To order new and old copies of the American Alpine Journal, visit the American Alpine Club Store.

The American Alpine Journal is made possible, in part, thanks to the Industry Friends and Friends of the AAJ.

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In Features we hear directly from those who have made many of the most impressive first ascents of the year—the climbs that will become tomorrow’s legends.

In Climbs & Expeditions we learn from those who have explored and climbed in most of the world’s mountain ranges, both great and small. The American Alpine Journal is a climber’s first stop in researching mountaineering objectives.

In the Departments, we offer in-depth “Book Reviews” of the latest mountaineering books published in English. Here you’ll find some of the most thoughtful and though-provoking critiques of the last year in mountain literature. “In Memoriam” remembers some our most interesting brothers and sisters on the rope, and, additionally, members of the American Alpine Club. And finally, we report on the last year in AAC Club Activities.

To ensure accuracy, all of the reports published here have been through the AAJ’s extensive editing process, and each has been reviewed by the authors. Nevertheless, we encourage corrections and updates! (Contact us here.)

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The AAJ Online also contains many Resources, including Maps and Topos that could not be included in the printed edition.

Favorites is our gateway to the “best of the AAJ.” Please send us your nominations for the best reads of the last 80 years, both short and long.

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