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New routes in California include:

Yosemite Valley
2012: Yosemite Valley, Liberty Cap, southwest face, Bad Moon Rising. By Josh Mucci
2011: Liberty Cap, The Patriot Act
. By Josh Mucci
2011: Disappearing Dome, Disappearing in Plain Sight. By Urmas Franosch
2010: El Capitan, The Prophet. By Leo Houlding
2010: Liberty Cap, Scarface. By Josh Mucci
2009: Middle Cathedral Rock, Border Country. By Mikey Schaefer, AAC

Yosemite National Park outside the Valley

2010: Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne, new routes. By Sevve Stember, AAC

High Sierra
2012: Mt. Langley, New Army Buttress, Better Red Than Dead. By Jeff Mahoney, AAC
2011: Dana Plateau, The Sauce Bone Arête
. By Logan Talbott
2011: Bear Creek Spire, Jamaica Say You Will. By Brett Marty, AAC
2011: Sierra Nevada, Evolution Traverse, first winter ascent. By Shay Har-Noy and Ben Horne, Pullharder Alpine Club
2011: Merriam Peak, two new routes
. By Peter Croft, AAC
2010: Dana Plateau, Butterflies and Rainbows; Mt. Chamberlin, various routes. By Josh Finkelstein, AAC
2010: Mt. Chamberlin. By Dave Nettle, AAC
2010: Fourth Needle, East Face. By Bernd Zeugswetter
2009: Ruby Creek, East Corner. By Joe LeMay, AAC
2009: Ken Minaret, Broken Rib. By David Harden, AAC
2009: Mt. Walt, Northwest Ridge. By David Harden, AAC
2009: Watchtower, new routes. By Dan Merrick
2009: Mt. Langley, Horizontal Thought Movement. By Nate Ricklin
2009: Mt. Ritter, West Arête. By Claude Fiddler, AAC
2009: Disappearing Dome, Do It Don’t Spew It. By Jerry Anderson, AAC

King’s Canyon National Park:

2012: Kings Canyon National Park, Tehipite Dome, southeast face, Astro-Gil. By Scotty Nelson
2010: Kings Canyon National Park, Tehipite Dome, Tehipite Sanction.
 By Rob Pizem, AAC

Sequoia National Park:


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