South Greenland

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Fjords include Tasermiut, Lindenows, Kangikitsoq, and Torssuagaloq. Islands include Pamiagdluk.

Pamiagdluk Island:

2010: Pamiagdluk Island, Baroness, north face, Blue Whale; Camp Peak, South Face Direct. By Danika Gilbert, AAC

Tasermiut Fjord:

2011: Tasermiut Fjord, Hermelndal, Tininnertuup II (1,511m), east face attempt. By Luis Carlos Garcia Ayala, Mexico
2010: Tasermiut Fjord, Half Dome, Dash-Friday Route, second ascent with variants. By Martin Klonfar, Czech Republic
2009: Tasermiut Fjord, Hermelnbjerg, east face, The Corner of Mount Fayette; Tininnertuup III, Midnight Children. By Henrik Nilsson, Sweden
2009: Tasermiut Fjord, Nalumasortoq (2,045m), Life is Beautiful, first free ascent. By Erik Massih, Sweden
2008: Tasermiut Fjord, Ketil (2,010m), Catalan Route, second ascent, first alpine style. By Artur Magiera, Polish Mountaineering Association
2008: Tasermiut Fjord, Hermelndal, Hermelnbjerg (1,912m), west summit, Ramblin’ Man; main summit, northeast ridge, second ascent; west ridge, attempt; Tininnertuup II (1,511m), east face, Piriton Pillar, Scorpion Grooves, War Cry, and Anglo-Bavarian Direct; Tininnertuup III (1,491m), east face, Head in the Clouds, and Anglo-Bavarian Direct; Tininnertuup IV (1,725m), Rapakivi Road-Freeway combination. By Es Tresidder, U.K.
2008: Tasermiut Fjord, Hermelndal, Tininnertuup IV (1,725m), east face, attempts. Reported by Lindsay Griffin, Mountain INFO, from information provided by Tony Whitehouse
2008: Tasermiut Fjord, Ulamertorssuaq (1,830m), War and Poetry, on-sight ascent; Ketil Pyramid (ca 1,600m), south face, Grmoland; Nalumatorsoq (2,045m), British Route, on-sight ascent; Hermelndal, Tininnertuup III (1,491m), east face, Nalunaq; Tininnertuup II (1,511m), east face, Flying Viking. By Andrej Grmovsek, Slovenia
2008: Tasermiut Fjord, Ulamertorssuaq (1,830m), War and Poetry, more or less free ascent; Nalumatorsoq (2,050m), Stupid White Man, first free ascent; Ketil Pyramid (ca 1,600m), south face, partial new route. By Maciek Ciesielski, Polish Mountaineering Association

Lindenows Fjord:

2008: Lindenows Fjord, Apostelens Tommelfinger (2,300m), south face attempt. Reported by Lindsay Griffin, Mountain INFO, from information provided by Tony Whitehouse

Kangikitsoq Fjord:

2008: Kangikitsoq Fjord, Battle Axe (1,852m), south face; Peak 2,106m, west face attempt; Peak 1,776m, south face attempt. By Roland Bekendam, The Netherlands

2008: Sun Elevation in the Arctic. By Hans Christian Florian, Tasiilaq, Greenland

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