Greenland mountain ranges, by Martin Gamache

Greenland mountain ranges, by Martin Gamache

The following mountain ranges or regions have been featured recently in the AAJ. Links to individual Climbs & Expeditions reports will show up as they are added. In general, ranges, regions, and reports begin in the west and continue eastward, and within that the flow is typically north to south. For a discussion of Greenland place names and spellings by Tony Higgins, click here.

North Perry Land

West Coast Greenland

East Coast:

Staunings Alps

Northern Liverpool Land

Southern Liverpool Land

Paul Stern Land

Ren Land

Milne Land

Knud Rasmussens Land

Thor’s Land


Trillergerne Mountains

South Greenland–Cape Farewell Region:

Lindenows Fjord

Tasermiut Fjord

Kangikitsoq Fjord

Torssuagaloq Sound

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