2011: Dom Brakk (5,830m) and panoramas. By Pierre Neyret, France

Identification of distant peaks is an inexact science. This wonderful panorama from northeast to southeast across the Central Karakoram was taken from the 6,220m summit of Braldu Brakk. (A) Peak 6,360m. (B) Peak 6,350m. (C) Peak 6,440m. (D) Crown (7,295m). (E) Upper (Southeast) Braldu Glacier. (F) Peak 6,410m. (G) Nobande Sobande Group. (H) Skamri Peaks (6,763m). (I) K2 (8,611m). (J) Changtok (7,045m). (K) Broad Peak (8,051m). (L) Chiring (Karpo Go, 7,090m). (M) Chiring West (ca 7,000m). (N) Gasherbrums IV (7,925m) and I (8,068m). (O) Muztagh Tower (7,284m). (P) Bobisghir North (ca 6,300m). (Q) Bobisghir (6,416m). (R) Ghent (7,401m). (S) Masherbrum (7,821m). (T) K6 (7,282m). Pierre Neyret

Dom Brakk from south, showing ascent route. Pierre Neyret

Looking southwest over Sim Gang Glacier from Dom Brakk. (A) Ganchen (6,462m; Japanese, 1978). (B) Pamshe (6123m). (C) Peak 5,990m. (D) Sosbun Brakk (6,413m; Japanese, 1981). (E) Sosbun Tower (6,000m). (F) Broad Tower (6,065m). (G) Solu Peak (5,901m). (H) Solu Tower II (5,959m; British, 1987). (I) Solu Tower I (5,979m; British, 1987). Pierre Neyret

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By Pierre Neyret, France

Dom Brakk (5,830m) and panoramas.

In May 2008, when I was making my first ski traverse from Shimshal to Askole via the Lupke La, the high pass connecting the Braldu and Sim Gang Glaciers, I climbed an easy peak north of the Sim Gang Glacier (36°01’36.8” N, 75°41’41.1” W) while the other members of my group were reaching the Sim La (5,450m). I climbed the southeast flank and southwest ridge from 5,000m on the Sim Gang Glacier, the ascent featuring a 150m ice slope of 40-45°. The summit is essentially a shoulder on the southwest ridge of Peak 5,925m, but I did not continue to the main summit, which was quite far, the crest dropping slightly to a small saddle before rising again.

In May 2011, on my third Shimshal-Askole ski traverse, I repeated the ascent with four clients, again stopping at the shoulder. One of the female clients was named Dominique, so we named the peak Dom Brakk. It gives a magnificent view over the entire Sim Gang Glacier. [Editor's note: Given the location, it seems likely 5,830m and 5,925m had been climbed, but this is uncertain.] Earlier we had summited Braldu Brakk (6,200m), largely on skis, from the Lukpa La to the south [the first-ascent route climbed by the 1956 London University expedition]. During our 21-day traverse we experienced 20 days of sunshine.

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