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Saser Kangri II (7,513m), attempt.

By Mark Richey, AAC

Our Indo-American-British expedition included Indians Chewang Motup (co-leader), Dhan Singh, Konchok Tinles, and Tsering Sherpa; Americans Steve Swenson, Mark Wilford, and I (co-leader); and British climber Jim Lowther. Staff included Lakpa Boding, Pemba Norbu, Manbhadur Rai, Soop Singh, and Ang Tashi.

Our goal was the east summit of Saser Kangri II. The west summit was climbed in 1985 via the northwest ridge by an Indo-Japanese expedition (AAJ 1986), which felt the summits were of equal height. According to our maps and information, the east summit is higher and therefore should be referred to as Saser Kangri II Main. It is one of the highest unclimbed peaks in the world [the second highest by certain criteria]…. (read more)